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  New Years Day- 1st
  3 Kings Day- 6th
  Martin Luther King Day- 20th

  Chinese New Year- 1st
  Groundhog Day- 2nd
  Lincoln's Birthday- 12th
  Eid al-Adha- 12th
  Valentine's Day- 14th
  Presidents Day- 3rd Monday
  Washington's Birthday- 22nd

  Mardi Gras- 4th
  Ash Wednesday- 5th
  Islamic New Year- 5th
  Purim- 17th
  St. Patrick's Day- 17th
  Naw-Ruz- 21st

  April Fool's Day- 1st
  Passover- 16th
  Easter- Sunday following the
      Paschal Full Moon

  Earth Day- 22nd
  Yom HaShoah- 29th
  Secretary Week- last full week

  Cinco de Mayo- 5th
  Mothers Day- Second Sunday
  Declaration of the Báb- 23rd
  Memorial Day- Last Monday
  Ascension of Baha'u'llah- 29th

  Shavuot- 5th
  Flag Day- 14th
  Juneteenth- 19th
  Father's Day- 20th


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Holiday Menu

  Independence Day- 4th
  Martyrdom of the Bab- 9th

  Labor Day- 1st Monday
  Grandparents Day- Sunday after
      Labor Day

  Rosh Hashanah- 1st & 2nd day of
      the month of Tishrei

  Yom Kippur- 10th day of
      the month of Tishrei
  Sukkot- 4 days after Yom Kippur
  Columbus Day- 2nd Monday
  Thanksgiving (Canada)-
      2nd Monday
  Boss' Day- 16th
  Sweetest Day- 3rd Saturday
  Birth of the Bab- 20th
  Ramadan- 9th month of
      the Islamic calendar
  Halloween- 31st

  Dia de los Muertos- 1st
  All Saints Day- 1st
  All Souls Day- 2nd
  Election Day- 1st Tuesday after
      the 1st Monday
  Veterans Day- 11th
  Birth of Baha'u'llah- 12th
  Eid al-Fitr- End of Ramadan
  Thanksgiving (USA)- 4th Thursday

  World Aids Day- 1st
  Christmas- 25th
  Hanukkah- 25th day of Jewish Calendar
  Boxing Day- 1st weekday after
  Kwanzaa- 26th to Jan. 1st
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